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Beat the Eating struggle

The only food diary that cares about your mental health.

Scientific Approach

Privacy & Confidentiality

Empathetic Guidance

Transforming Lives Through Cutting-Edge Technology

flawfood helps people conquer eating disorders as a  revolutionary mobile app, tailored to develop healthy relationship with food, utilizing scientifically-proven approaches like CBT protocols. 

Non-invasive and caring support that you need.



Adaptive Food Logging with no stress

Forget the tediousness of traditional food diaries. Our adaptive food logging feature revolutionizes the way you keep track of your meals. It's designed to be easy and stress-free, helping you identify patterns and triggers in your eating habits without adding extra burden. It's a smarter, simpler way to keep track of your nutrition.


Powerful Insights that reveal your patterns

Don't let the opportunity to harness the power of data-driven recovery pass you by. Our app provides powerful insights based on your behavior. These insights equip you with the knowledge you need to make positive changes and progress in your recovery journey. It's like having a personal therapist in your pocket, providing you with the insights you need when you need them.


Scientifically-proven protocols that do help

At flawfood, we understand that recovery is deeply personal and should be grounded in the most effective therapeutic approaches. That's why we've incorporated Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) protocols and techniques into our platform. CBT is a gold-standard in the treatment of eating disorders, renowned for its evidence-based outcomes and transformative effects. Let flawfood guide you with the best of science and compassion on your journey to recovery.

Empathy-Driven Design for your Recovery

flawfood is more than just an app. It's built by people who truly understand the challenges of food struggles as we've been there, done that.

We're here to help you navigate, break free, and find balance in your relationship with food. Every feature is crafted with care, aiming to guide you towards lasting remission.  Experience the difference genuine empathy can make.

Our Team.

Behind every powerful tool is a passionate team. At flawfood, our diverse group of experts are here to support and guide individuals in their journey towards a healthier relationship with food.


What is flawfood and how can it help me?
flawfood is a unique app designed to help you overcome eating disorders. It offers stress-free food logging, personalized insights, and CBT-based strategies, all within an empathetic, user-friendly platform. Join us to transform your relationship with food into a healthier, more positive one. flawfood is your ally in achieving lasting recovery.

What is adaptive food logging?

Adaptive food logging is a stress-free way to keep track of your meals. Unlike traditional food diaries, our adaptive food logging feature is designed to be easy and intuitive. It helps you identify patterns and triggers in your eating habits without adding extra burden.

How quickly I will see the results?

The journey to recovery is unique for everyone and the timeline can vary. Some users notice changes in their patterns and behaviors within a few weeks of consistent use, while for others it may take longer. Remember, Flawfood is a tool to support your recovery journey, and lasting change often takes time. It's important to be patient with yourself and celebrate small victories along the way.

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  • Adaptive food logging

  • Basic Insights

  • Triggers management

  • Wellbeing tracking





All of the best coping techniques for your healing journey with premium insights.

  • All from Basic

  • Premium Insights

  • Interactive coping techniques

  • Exclusive self-reflection tools

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flawfood stands with Ukraine 🇺🇦

We are based in Ukraine and simply can't stay away from the war happening at our home. 

To show your support, join us and donate to Come Back Alive foundation.

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